Professional Eyelash Glue Long Lasting 30 Days Fast Dry Strong For Lashes With Odour

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Professional Eyelash Glue Long Lasting 30 Days Fast Dry Strong For Lashes With Odour

Characteristic: the micro stimulation / with odor
Color: black
Capacity: 15 ml
Maintain time: about 30 days
Drying time:1-2seconds
Shelf life: about half a year
Quick dry degree: quick drying
Applicable people: beauty salons
Professional level:Professional
Product description: with odor, stimulation, beauty salon is special glue, individual cannot be used.
Special note:Any glue are not and direct contact with the skin, once accidentally come into contact with eyes, rinse with water immediately!
Warm prompt: kiss before buying, attention! Because these are chemical products, their use under the condition of planting eyelash, for the sake of your skin is generally recommended that you buy tasteless, no stimulation, allergy free grafting of glue. Avoid unnecessary stimulate an eye, burning eyes, stimulate glue beauty salon, for high-end customers.
Method of use:
1, use plastic wrap to separate fluctuation eyelash, close your eyes
2, use eyelash comb straightens eyelash
3, observing the customer’s choose some suitable after eyelash eyelash, should be short, before long, after a little short
4, false eyelash glue water, only stick to the third place, and then gently pull out, stick on the false eyelash glue cannot have bubbles
5, false eyelash can’t stick to the root ministry of eyelash and skin, and shall, in the true next eyelash, 0.5 1 mm, leaving really eyelash root stick to true eyelash two-thirds
6, should be a false eyelash glue in a true eyelash, can’t stick in on a few really eyelash, stick the second eyelash to and just stick good eyelash distance apart, can’t will stick together, the process of dry need forty seconds, to be fully then took a piece of dry
7, one eye with blow, blow dry, after finish about 5-10 minutes to make the customer opened his eyes
After the completion of the eight, don’t rub.
Model Number





Micro stimulation with odor eyelash glue

Item Type

Eyelash Glue



Drying time


Maintain time

about 30 days

Shelf life

about half a year

Professional level


Applicable people

beauty salons

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